Welcome To MUxzy S6 Episode 3!

New medium experience server grand opening!


Welcome to Official MUXZY Community !

Since community opening MANY things have been updated, changed and fixed and we are now ready to OPEN new World HIGH x500 !
We have been working and still working hard on our server configurations to make one of the best and interesting gameplay !
Jewels, Zen and other things like sealed boxes, items + zen have a very big value ingame ! Also things like Lucky Coins, wCoins(C) for in-game Cash Shop 'X' can be only collected by players themselves.
The fastest way to level-up is by leveling up in party, because of extra EXP bonus. Limited Webshop, Limited Cash Shop 'X', Great GR and Event rewards, Nice level roading - fair play for everyone. 
Join Us NOW !

All previous accounts deleted

Information about "HIGH" [x500]:

» Version: Season 6 Episode 3 
» Experience: x500(dynamic)
» Master EXP: x10 
» Drop: 50%
» Max Stats: 32767
» Official MU Helper: ON
» Points Per Level: 5/6/7
» Reset Level: 400
    - Reset price: 1kk * resets
    - Reward: 50 Free credits
    - Clear Stats: OFF
    - Clear Magic/Spells: OFF
    - Clear Inventory: OFF
    - Clear Class: OFF
    - Points for Reset: 50
» Reset Limit: 100 resets
» Bless Bug: OFF
» Monster HP: 100% 
» Fully Working Rage Fighter: ON
» Marry System: ON
» Auto Reconnect System: ON
» Gens System: ON
» Master Skill Tree: ON (max 200 lvl)
» Guild Create Level: 300
» Bonus Event: ON (bonus EXP in specific time 2 times per day)
» Cash Shop 'X': ON (pets, EXP buffs and more)
» GR From: 100 resets
    - GR price: 100kk
    - Reward: 4000 credits
    - Clear Stats: ON
    - Clear Magic/Spells: OFF
    - Clear Inventory: OFF
    - Clear Class: OFF
    - Points per GR: 10000 points * GR
» Max GR: 100
» Extra EXP: ON (extra EXP in Events)
» In-game Commands: ON
    - /teleport: teleports you to your husband/wife
    - /prop and /accept: to propose and accept marry
    - /add: add stats (/addene, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addcmd)
    - /post: global chat, requirement level: 80 (50'000 zen)
    - /pkclear: 50kk * PK Count (at website 500kk - clears ALL PK)
    - /requests off/on to deny/accept requests 
» Chaos Machine: ON
» Spots in every map (5monsters in spot)
» No exc items in shops, no quest items
» No spots in Arena at the moment (will be added in future)
» And More


» Hearts: ON
» Silver & Gold Medals: ON (drops non-exc items from level +6 to +9)
» Firecrackers: ON 
» Silver & Gold Boxes: ON
» Lucky Coin: ON (collect Lucky Coins and exchange them to Jewels)
» Battle Soccer: ON
» Golden Invasion: ON
» White Wizard Event: ON
» Blood Castle: ON
» Devil Square: ON
» Castle Siege: ON
» Chaos Castle: ON
» Illusion Temple: ON
» Kalima Event: ON
» Kanturu Event: ON
» Raklion Hatchery: ON 
» Doppelganger Event: ON
» Medusa Event:  ON 
» Castle Siege: ON
» Loren Deep: ON
» And More


» Reset Stats: ON
» Reset Master Skill Tree: ON
» Clear Inventory: ON
» Vote Reward System: ON (vote every 12h and collect Free Coins)
» Market System: ON
» Webshop System: ON 
    - FO items: ON 
    - Item level +15 in Webshop: ON 
    - 380 lvl items in Webshop: ON
    - Ancient items in Webshop: ON
    - Socket items in Webshop: ON
    - 3rd lvl wings in Webshop: ON
    - Fenrir & other Pets in Webshop: ON
» And More


The Party Bonus system gives you more experience if you make a party of 5 different races, including 3 base classes. As a race is added to the party, the extra experience is increased a little bit more. 
» Party Exp Bonus: ON
    - Duo Exp Bonus: ON
    - Bronze Party Exp Bonus: ON
    - Silver Party Exp Bonus: ON
    - Gold Party Exp Bonus: ON


For more information about Servers Item Drop, Boss Rewards and Respawn times, Event times and rewards, Cash Shop, wCoins(C), PvP/PvM damage and other configurations you can find out contacting us on






Posted22 / 05 / 2019

Currently this is only one server.